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Castrol Moto


Differentiation Tests

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One of the tools we use for differentiation is “Flossie” – our robot rider.

Flossie is invaluable in tests which support our core product benefits such as increased power or increased acceleration.

Flossie can be fitted onto any bike or scooter for testing on our chassis dynamometer.

It is equipped with a self learning mode to enable it to know the gear change pattern, clutch feel and throttle response of the bike – just like any rider would on their first outing on a new machine.

Flossie, however, is different to your average rider.

Flossie is the ultimate precision rider and will perform the same gear change or the same acceleration time after time.

This ensures exceptional test repeatability and reliability of data allowing oil to oil evaluation to be performed quickly and effectively.

There are, of course, other benefits of having a robot rider….

  • Flossie doesn’t get tired or saddle sore…..
  • Flossie doesn’t mind the excruciating noise of the bike in the chamber as its engine screams away at speeds up to 16000 rpm…..
  • Neither does Flossie worry about riding in extremes of temperature…. from arctic cold to desert heat.
  • And, most importantly, Flossie is a safe rider