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Castrol Moto

Castrol Act>evo 4T




10W-40 | 20W-40 | 20W-50


  • Protects from the start to the end
    of every journey
  • 70% greater wear protection*
  • Active Protection Molecules (APM) cling to critical engine components
  • Act>evo 4T is specially designed
    with Trizone Technology™
  • Continuous protection at all
    operating temperatures
  • Act>evo 4T produces no rust in
    salt water corrosion tests
  • For four-stroke motorcycle engines where API SJ and JASO MA2 specifications are recommended

Castrol Act>evo 4T is uniquely formulated with Trizone Technology™– Trizone testing uses Castrol’s own engine test methods to prove performance in the engine (good detergency and durability), reduced clutch slip and reduced gear pitting

Castrol Act>evo 4T – developed specifically for four-stroke motorcycle engines

The Act>evo 4T range is proven to provide 70% better wear protection*. This is made possible by the Active Protection Molecules (APM) which cling to critical engine components, providing a continuous layer of protection from the start to the end of every journey.

The Castrol Act>evo 4T range has been tested over the equivalent of 600,000 km to ensure outstanding protection for motorcycles and scooters.

Protects at low temperature

We carried out a low temperature wear test, comparing Castrol Act>evo 4T with an oil without APM.
The cam in the engine containing Act>evo 4T showed significantly less wear. In fact, Active Protection Molecules were proven to reduce wear by at least 70%*.

Cam wear at end of test

  • The cam wear index shows how much the cam is worn
  • APM reduces the cam wear by more than 70%

Cam lobes at end of test

  • The cam surface is visibly smoother when run with APM
  • New Act>evo 4T with APM gives exceptional wear protection

With APM
With APM

Without APM
Without APM

*Compared with a JASO MA2 oil, tested in a standard ASTM wear test.